Sunday, October 29, 2006

Busy Weekend!

Wow, I have so much too say, but way too tired to write it all!
So in a Nutshell, John and Tasha Curry came for the weekend with little Carson, who is a cutie!
We took the kids to Convergys' little Halloween party. They had trick or treating for the kids, Coloring contest,(which Boston entered), and Costume Prizes.... where Hayes threw up all over his costume! Wiped it up and still had fun.... We wanted some candy.

We went out to "The Melting Pot" MMMM My new favorite resteraunt! It was so Awesome, we had the full Course meal.
Then Sunday we had Boston's Primary Program it was so darling, their are not alot of kids in our ward so the kids Sang Solo's and gave short talks, It was so cute, Then the Bishopric sang to the kids "Dearest Children".

Cory and Boston let me have a 2 hour nap today,(it was my Birthday Present) and then suprised me with a Clean kitchen, House and Presents!
I told them I didn't want a Cake....Otis Spunkmeyer will do! So I got a Cookie for my Bday cake! I love it. I have the greatest little family ever....
I know my Birthday isn't until Tuesday but we always have so many things going on!

Boston got me Hot Pink NANO.. Thanks little buddy, it matches my Phone!

Tomorrow I am going to Lunch with my Friends, Achievement Day girls are coming over after School, Trunk or Treat Halloween party @ The Hansens, and Carving our Pumpkins!

We are going to be a little crazy these next few days!

Thanks for our cute little Halloween Basket Jenn! Boston is in Heaven.
He said "Gosh, Chase really is my best friend Huh!" ha ha

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Candace said...

wow! sounds like a fun birthday! i loved melting pot when i went there too- it is so fun! Happy Birthday!

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