Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Super Dad" Sunday

Sunday's are my favorite, you stay home with your family, you have a big Dinner, Eat lots of Treats, you get to be spiritually uplifted and you get to NAP! (which I did)

Cory is always Super Dad! But today he really was! Boston has been wanting to play Catcher for a long time, & Today Cory geared him up and Showed him how. They have also been working all weekend on their ship they have to make for Cub Scouts Pack Meeting on Thursday, It is so sweet.

He also was playing outside for a long time with Hayes & Olivia...He's the Best!!

I did however make Caramel Apples with Boston for our "make something new on Sunday"
& they were Delicious!


JT said...

CAramel apples are my favorite. Did you make them fancy with chocolate too? Yum.

Cassidy said...

you have the cutest little family!

L Johnson said...

I love your fence, when did you have it put in? I bet the apples were fantastic!

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