Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Boston at his School.

This is his teacher Mrs. Whitaker, She is so Great!

Ok , So it is my Birthday today! YIPEE...... It is pretty much the craziest day ever, but I love it!
I had Boston's class Party to do, So we were Quite busy, following a halloween Parade and Singing! His Teacher was dressed like a Harley Rider, and they had so many cute costumes. We are off to Carve Pumpkins and eat Bread Bowls with soup before the night begins....... Of coure TRICK OR TREATING!!!

So can you tell how much Candy I have had already, WOW.....

Jane, You are so AWESOME!! Thanks for thinking I am so Cool! You ROCK!

HAPPY HAUNTING..... I will Post some Pictures of tonight later!

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